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  The Weekend in Hatta

We went away for a weekend to Hatta just over 100km away near the Oman border with 3 other couples and had a complete jol. The scenery there is awesome. Once you leave Dubai city the surrounds are mainly low yellow dunes with small scrub, from there to higher red dunes, then a stretch of savannah-like country and from there into the mountains. All within 150 km - really different. That was in mid summer so the heat was unbearable.

Click on the Images for a Larger View.


Andrew negotiating a tricky piece of road.

Harrigan going through the river.

Pete playing in the water.


Fergs and his buddies.


A Dune ! (Yes....we're in the desert)


Dean, Andrew, Jessica, Hayley, Fergus, Paddy, Harrigan and Heidi all looking at something.